Take your career to the next level.

First impressions matter! That’s why your resume or C.V. needs to make an immediate impact. Let Capricorn Resume Services refresh your resume – or create a new one – to help you fast-forward your career.

At Capricorn Resume Services, we specialize in custom solutions, using industry-specific language to help your resume rise to the top. Get the attention of hiring managers by presenting a well-written, professionally designed resume that’s easy to scan, highlights your successes and encourages employers to learn more about you. Pair your resume or C.V. with an articulate, persuasive cover letter for maximum effect.

We’re here to help you stand out, project a professional image and put your best foot forward. Contact us today to refresh your resume and boost your career!

Why Capricorn Resume Services?

✓  Professional writers with experience helping clients secure jobs

✓  Customized resumes, C.V.s and cover letters to meet your unique needs

✓  Multiple design options provided at no additional cost

✓  Free revisions, based on customer feedback

✓  Quick turn-around time

✓  High quality and attention to detail

✓  Highly responsive customer support

✓  Customer satisfaction guaranteed

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Capricorn Resume Services was founded by Allison Hersh, Ph.D., a nationally published writer and marketing expert who helps clients secure jobs in a wide range of fields, from the aerospace industry to higher education. For more than a decade, Allison has helped clients take their careers to the next level, producing high-quality resumes, C.V.s, cover letters and other documents required by job seekers.

Whether you’re an upwardly mobile professional looking to make a strategic career move, an experienced executive interested in making a change, a faculty member on the rise at a university or a stay-at-home mom who’s ready to re-join the workforce, Capricorn Resume is here to help you. We offer personalized customer service and deliver high-quality work that sets you apart from the crowd and catches the eye of hiring managers at top companies and universities.